Data revealed between June 1st and October 18th 2020 the number of homes under offer in the UK is up 39% compared to the same period in 2019.

For many years affluent families have been drawn to the large properties and gardens associated with Hampstead and Highgate. The lure of a spacious home was high in recent times, with homes in Hampstead and Highgate undoubtedly forming part of the 39% increase.

What do London property buyers now want?

The Prime Agents have had many enquires where buyers have wanted to move from large apartments to detached properties. Due much of the population now working from home, larger outdoor space has become a key requirement for affluent buyers who want the perfect balance between and work and family life. The focus on outdoor space has seen those ready to go without and obtaining some good deals.

Schools in Hampstead and Highgate

Another attraction for the areas of Hampstead and Highgate is the outstanding education facilities that it has. A high number of private schools help children get well educated from pre-prep right through to sixth form. Prime examples of this are Highgate School, Channing School, and University College School.

Devonshire House School states the school’s biggest intake of children is between the ages of 2 ½ – 4 years when affluent families working in various sectors move to the area.

Demand for local private school places has increased due to the influx of new arrivals, applications for 11-plus exams are up 20% at Highgate School compared to last year.

Picking the best place to live

One of the most exclusive and affluent areas is The Bishops Avenue, also known as Billionaire’s Row, runs through the top of Hampstead Heath into East Finchley. Other comparable streets are Courtenay Avenue, and Compton Avenue, which can be found on the southern boundary of Highgate Gold Club. These three streets often feature in the UK’s most expensive and sought out addresses.

Stormont Road, Sheldon Avenue, and Denewood Road are close to the center of Highgate where a lot of the original 1930s houses and features can be found. If buyers are interested in building their ideal home from scratch these are ideal locations, where a good deal can potentially be found and the opportunity to build modern, exclusive, and elegant residences is there.

Property prices in Hampstead and Highgate

Typically homes in these areas range from £2.5m up to £10m, the lower end of the scale will be the original 1930’s homes and the opposite end of the scale is newer homes.

Near Hampstead Tube station and the south of the heath is where Hampstead Village is located. The area mainly compromises terraced Victorian and Georgian period homes that do have lovely but smaller garden areas. Many of these properties can be found along Willoughby Road, Pilgrim’s Lane, Denning Road, Carlingford Road, and Kemplay Road.

If properties are refurbished to a high standard on these streets then the prices can reach around £3.5m, for an unmodernised property one can expect it to be priced around £2m.

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If more space is the key requirement, then buyers can look towards Golders Hill Park, the area, compromises a Tube station and an underground station that is the Northern Line. Alternatively, buyers can look towards Frognal, a road that is towards the western reaches of Hampstead Village.

Summertime has come to an end here, and even though outdoor space was at a premium during then; a must-have now seems to space to work from home, which could be the attic, shed in the garden, or a fourth bedroom.


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